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Extrusion processes of polymers.
Piezoelectric materials and ultrasound waves propagation.
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We have spent more than 10 years helping SMEs, start-ups and larger companies to use numerical modelling to develop their products and processes. As experts in multiphysics simulation, we promote the use of these digital technologies to improve your designs. Companies in the healthcare, plastics, environment, energy, robotics, microelectronics and other sectors can optimise their products and production equipment with our research services, software applications and training courses.

Digital twin for processing plastics

In the plastics industry, CFD and heat transfer simulations can be used to predict the behaviour of materials during processing, which can help optimise the quality, productivity and efficiency of installations. Numerical simulation can also be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the environmental performance of a process, for instance by increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in a co-extrusion process while maintaining identical strength in the end product.

Focused ultrasound for Medtech

With ultrasound, numerical simulation is used to model wave propagation in materials or in tissues of the human body. This technique provides a better understanding of the interactions between ultrasound waves and structures or fluids, and can help to develop new materials and devices for medical, industrial or measurement applications. When focused on a specific area of the human body, ultrasound generates sufficient power to treat a number of pathologies through heating or vibration.

Piezoelectricity in many industries

Numerical simulation is also a valuable tool for understanding the behaviour of piezoelectric materials. These materials have the unique ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Numerical simulation is used to predict the performance of these materials in various applications, such as sensors, actuators and electrical generators. In this way, engineers can optimise the design of piezoelectric devices to improve their efficiency, reliability and durability.

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