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Modelling contact and friction

In transport and other industries, modelling contact and friction between components brings valuable information on the assembly behaviour.

Modelling ultrasound flowmeter

Multiphysics phenomena occur in the modelling of an ultrasound flowmeter. It requires simulation of acoustics, mechanics, CFD and piezoelectricity.

Modelling spine implant

When modelling spine implant or other medical devices, mechanical simulations allow the engineers and researchers to asses its behaviour for various loads.

Modelling a piezoelectric actuator

When modelling a piezoelectric actuator, a modal analysis together with a harmonic analysis is run to find the best mode at which the structure will behave.

Modelling induction heating

Modelling induction heating through electromagnetics, heat transfer and structural mechanics, multiphysics simulation to optimise a shrink-fitting process.

Modelling vibrations in a pipe

Modelling vibrations in a pipe helps to optimise the measurement estimation of the viscoelastic fluid it contains, with acoustics and mechanical simulation.

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