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Modelling high pressure valve


Safety and robustness is compulsory when manufacturing pressure regulating systems, especially for high pressure. Modelling of parts from these systems, such as high pressure valve, helps to understand and keep the fluid under control. Computational Fluid Dynamics is a modelling technique with ever growing capabilities, for many types of flow and fluid.

Objectives from modelling high pressure valve

Pressure regulating systems exist in several industries. Not only energy, but also health or transports can use such systems. They rely on manufacturers to provide these for high pressure application where leakage or failure is not an option.

The finite element simulation of high pressure valve for structural analysis already belongs to the development process. They follow specific regulatory certifications and all companies with this expertise train their engineers on these tools.

CFD simulation of the fluid – or gas – also sheds light on improvements the manufacturer can bring to the component. It shows the influence of the design on the pressure state of the gas from inlet to oulet.

Results from simulation and information extracted

The simulation of the system, containing several high pressure valves, delivers 3D visualisations that are important to understand how the gas moves inside, even detecting recirculation zones not easy to find out without it.
Quantitative results appear too, with valuable information about pressure drop in each valve and flow path.

The model can furthermore help to analyse the impact on flow behaviour when using perfect or a real gas laws.

Modelling the high pressure gas flow through valves

Figure shows a high pressure regulating system with flow streamlines.

Flow path goes through main valve after intrance and then three other valves for different exits.

Do you have a similar project?

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