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Modelling HIFU medical devices


Modelling and simulation is a growing topic for Medtech and health industry. Piezoelectric, acoustics and heat transfer coupled simulations give ways of improvement to the modelling of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) medical devices, which is a very specific part of Medtech. Configurations of the device that will provide best surgical treatment can be selected from this virtual environment.

Objectives from modelling HIFU medical devices

The simulation of medical devices is of very good help at the design stage and for new releases. Before to validate it with clinical test, one can test various configurations, materials and operating conditions of the device to optimise its performances

HIFU is a multiphysics challenge because it calls for acoustics and heat transfer simulations in the biological tissues of alive “materials”. They are not easily defined like it can be for metallic or plastic parts. It usually means the model will need some calibration campaign from experimental data and simulation data.

Results from simulation and information extracted

In this example the medical device is a phased-array probe made of several piezoelectric elements, each activated with a time delay. One calculates the delay to reach a targeted volume and intensity of tissue treatment depending on frequency of the ultrasounds, geometrical configuration, etc. The simulation is used to compare dozens of configuration and choose one that will be further tested before manufacturing.

Ultrasound focalisation from modelling HIFU medical devices

Top view of the probe containing one linear array of piezoelectric ceramics (black colour).

The piezoelectric transducers transmit vibrations and a propagated pressure wave through the biological tissues: they are ultrasounds visualised in blue and red.

Heat and localised coagulation from HIFU medical device

Visualisation of the energy provided in the focalised area: in yellow colour is where the temperature is the highest.

You can read an article inspired by this project on COMSOL’s blog to learn more about simulation of HIFU technology.

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