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Multiphysics numerical simulation examples

Case studies from various industries and customer references

Numerical modelling and computer simulation has evolved very quickly in the past decades. Hardware have gained speed and power whilst specialised softwares have increased their capabilities for representing numerous phenomena. These tools become more and more crucial to the research and development process of manufacturing companies.
This page showcases some multiphysics numerical simulation examples that EMC3 Consulting carried for different customers. Most of them are simplified versions of the original projects, for illustration purpose only. Nevertheless, they give insight to the importance of modelling and simulation when designing new products, on real industrial cases. You can click or press on any of them to go to their own page. It contains further description, objectives from modelling such case, and results obtained.

They trust our expertise


EMC3 Consulting partners with several companies and academics, or research labs, for their multiphysics numerical modelling projects. Most of the companies are SME’s or startups who do not have access to such expertise inhouse. They find it through our simulation engineering services for various fields of application.

However, larger groups also work with EMC3 Consulting occasionally, even though they have resources inhouse. Typically, it happens when they need expertise on a very specific field for which they do not have simulation experience. Lots of multiphysics applications fall in this category, for instance piezoelectric and ultrasound simulation.

Not all of EMC3 Consulting’s clients appear on this page, usually for confidential reasons. The ones below are sorted by industry. Do not hesitate to click or press on their logo to visit their websites and discover their activities.


Sound glaucoma care
Advance arthro systems - Orthopedics surgery
MagIA Diagnostics Point-of-Care system
Advanced brain therapy through innovation
Innovation for spine surgery


360° for VR
Physical water treatment
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems


Fluid-Control & Services
Design and development of turnkey equipment
Innovations based on nanostructured materials

Sensors and IoT

The echo that matters
OCIGO a new generation of alcohol breathalyzer
Intel, Data Center Solutions, IoT and PC Innovation


HEF Groupe The Surface Engineering Group

Other industries

A Xerox company
Induction development products
Our Energy Your Power

Research labs

National centre for scientific research
Materials and microelectronics institute
Process & Energy
LIST Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

R&D and industrial engineering

Our services in numerical modelling and simulation have improved the development of products of companies from various industries: Medtech (health), audio, energy, environment, transports, sensors and microelectronics… applications of simulation are numerous and our expertise can help you on your next project.

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